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Ahlmann Nederland in Ammerzoden has been the exclusive importer for the Netherlands and Belgium of the unique Ahlmann Swing Shovel Loaders since 1974.
In 1978 Articulated Loaders were added to the programme.
In 2003 the Ahlmann Telescopic Swing Loader was introduced.

Swing Shovel Loaders

The swinging Alhmanns are the showpieces of our delivery programme.

Ahlmann Swing Shovel Loaders can move practically the same weight in load from the front to the side. This makes them usable in a broader context than any other wheelloader, especially in combination with its four-wheel steering.
AZ 45e
AZ 75
AZ 95
AZ 150e
AZ 210e

Telescopic Swing Loader

In order to place a pallet or dump a bucket of sand just a little bit farther away than usual Ahlmann has developed the Telescopic Swing Shovel Loader.

Just like all the other fast-driving Swing Shovel Loaders, this Telescopic Swing Shovel Loader is also fully equipped with for example: shovel arm suspension, extra hydraulic functions, hydraulic quick change device, radial tyres and a VCA package [Contractors’ checklist Safety, Health and Environment]

AZ 95tele

Articulated Loader

The AX was specially designed from scratch for rental fleets, construction (structural engineering, underground engineering, road work) as well as for horticulture and landscaping. The objective was a high product quality making for a long service life, low operational costs, simplest operation, and a high resale value at a competitive product price.

What strikes you first is the ASAP monoboom (Ahlmann Single Arm Power). High tearing forces paired with fast tipping cycles and an unrivalled view - from the newly developed Ahlmann Panorama Space Cab (APSC) - on the attachments were decisive factors for the production start of the new boom concept.

The stylish and compact rear end ensures an unobstructed rear view. Particular importance was attached to the cabin’s comfort and clearness.

The machine feature a remarkably low height of less than 2.47 m, making it ideal for low headroom environments. And if you need an even lower vehicle: the cabin top of all vehicles dismounts in less than 15 minutes.



Ahlmann prefers machines with a rigid frame. This construction makes the Front Loaders extremely stable, also with the heaviest tilting loads.

When operating the machine the centre of gravity remains unchanged. This way, the machines can be used to their full capacity in all circumstances.
AF 60e
AF 1200
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